Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break, Part Deux

Had a big day today! We spent many hours at the new California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, which is a marvel inside and out. It houses an aquarium, planetarium, rain forests, swamp, Africa exhibit, and a Galapagos exhibit all under one living roof (the top of the museum is a two-acre garden of native plants). The planetarium show was spectacular!

Inside looking up.

Hank as dino treat.

Checking out the living roof. Remind you of Teletubbies?

We took a leisurely drive through some of the gorgeous neighborhoods, up and down the city's steepest hills.

Then we went down to the waterfront to see some street performers and hit our favorite little donut stand. (Alcatraz awaits the children in the background.)

What's a trip to the pier without a good bungee jump? When you're this small you really fly!

We finished off the day with an excellent dinner in Chinatown. San Francisco has the largest Chinatown outside of Asia and I love to just wander around looking at all the cool and weird stuff.

Such a great city! Such a great trip.


Rebecca Anne said...

Oh that sounds like a beautiful day filled with fun, memories and exploring the area around you. Thank you for sharing the visuals, a big old bonus for those of us stuck at home staring at the same 4 walls all day long~

Anne Spollen said...

Wow, what an amazing place! We keep toying with the idea of moving and...

Kimberly Derting said...

Great pics, Christy! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

Sherry Dale Rogers said...

What fun, looks like a good family outing. The pics are great, I just cant wait to see the baby sun smiling in the sky(teletubbies). Have a great day Juvenescence.

Anonymous said...

It does look just like Telatubby ville up there--my husband and I said that too!