Saturday, March 7, 2009

Permission to Flog

For me, beginning a new manuscript is a big, big deal. While I do have several folders with new book ideas in them, I’m not one of those people (ahem, Suzanne) who can have ten partially started manuscripts on their desktops. Once I start, I become a bit obsessive; like a dog with a bone (or me with a sleeve of Thin Mints), I want to finish it all—and quickly.

I need to start Book Two of the Flux duo. I owe a super-secret draft to my editor at the end of July, which he will then help shape into the Real Draft that’s due September 1. I have a pretty detailed three-page outline, so there are really no big surprises (ha! Doesn’t every writer think that until fifty pages in, when book takes on a life of its own?) but I can’t seem to open a doc and name it. Every day something looms; today it’s the overnight trip I have with our third-grade Brownie troop. Seriously, how can I start a book with an overnight Brownie trip coming up in just hours? Starting a book is monumental! It deserves a clean house! With laundry folded and put away! And the dishwasher empty! And new chlorine tabs in the toilet tanks! And a stretch of a least 5 hours of writing time beforeme! And…and…and... This is where my monkey mind takes my rational mind hostage.

I’m rambling. I’m rambling so I won’t have to open that document and name it.

Monday morning, my friends. All housely distractions will be taken care of tomorrow, so I will have no excuse. Permission to flog me (or take me to a musical) if my new manuscript’s date-of-creation stamp in Word does not read 3-9-09.

Have a great weekend, peeps. I’ll toast you all with marshmallows roasted on unwound coat hangers!


jennie said...

Okay. That's it.

If you don't have the first chapter on Wednesday night, it's straight to "The Pajama Game."

Little Ms J said...

I have a slightly different problem. I am on lockdown with my fabulous new deadline, a weekend stretched out before me and my girlfriend's on notice. My husband *suddenly* grew a clean bone in his body. I have never seen him so motivated to do chores, "Whaddya mean you don't want to help me pick up dog poop? Whaddya mean you're not going to help me clean?"

I am scratching my head.

Have fun on your overnighter!

Shelli said...

thx goodness you have some time :)

Jenna aka Town&Country Mouse, formerly Citygirl said...

Waaaaay too much pressure there...I'm a fan of tricking my brain (shhh, don't tell) and start in bits & chunks (of 10-20 minutes before I "really" sit down and write...that way I'll totally be into it before I really start steamrolling along. Otherwise, I will always have a reason why I can't put aside a big chunk of time to devote to the task. And then there's FB, the blog, my three kids and two dogs...and that darn garage keeps whispering, "organize me first!'

Kimberly Derting said...

I'm with you, Christy, I need time and order. I've taken to threatening my family (well, my husband) that I'll have to quit writing if I can't have some semblance of order around here. It's made him quite helpful. You should try it, the threats. And maybe throw in some tears. It's amazing how much gets done when you cry. ha ;)

Suzanne Young said...

Pst. I have eleven on my desktop(and I wish I was kidding) but, your ideas are awesome! And mine are half-ideas with half-chapters.

So we're about even. :-)

Casey said...

Did you you start, huh, huh?

Christy Raedeke said...

I did, Casey! I'm currently at 465 words and going strong!

Jame said...

I was gonna say that there's a self-flagellation attachment for Wii now, so you can flog yourself...but now you don't have to. Yay, keep going!