Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recycling Day

I started this blog a year ago, and what fun it's been. I've met so many people through the blogosphere whom I would never have met otherwise, and I've kept in touch with the amazing people I've met at conferences through our blogs. For the little work it takes to maintain, I'd say the payoff has been huge.

Today I'm slammed with work and don't have it in me to write something, so I'm recycling the very first Juvenescence post from this week last year. I think my blog stats peaked at 3 visitors that day, all blood relatives.


So here I am, making my first post and freaking out.

What do I say?
What is my stance?
What will my readers think?

Ah, what a relief. The answer to the last question helps inform the rest, because I HAVE NO READERS!

Now on to the mundane.

Like many writers, I procrastinate. Can't seem to open my manuscript until I have exhausted every excuse NOT to, including finishing such odious tasks as litter-box mining. Today as I sat down at my desk, I realized I could not possibly write without my Goldfinches.

Let me pause here and acknowledge that
admitting to birdwatching puts me in that category with your phlegmatic pipe-smoking great uncle, but hey, I want to keep it honest, this being my first post and all. So anyway, I have a finch feeder hanging just a foot away from my computer on the other side of the window and I love to watch the tiny yellow birds fight for thistle seeds as I search for the right word/phrase/idea.

It's no wonder that I was uninspired today, the feeder was empty! So I've filled it up again and now I wait; I'm not opening that manuscript until there's at least one feaking bird outside my window.

Word of the day: Feak - The action of a bird wiping its beak.
The goldfinch feaking on the willow branch inspired me to write.

FASCINATING BREAKING NEWS: I've had my first customer. A fat fluffy male who looks like he knows where to get thistle even when I've run out.

Damn, now I have to open my doc.


Carrie Harris said...

Snarf. Happy one year blogiversary! Do you still have the feeder?

Christy Raedeke said...

Thanks, Carrie! Yes, I do still have the feeder; I need my tools of procrastination! There are two Goldfinches and a poser chowing down at it right now...

Shelli said...

yeah I am lucky number 3! do i win something? Im feaking iwth excitment (did i use that right?)

Anna Claire said...

Feak. What a great word.

Congrats one the one-year anniversary Christy!

Anna Claire said...

Also, how could you tell the bird was a male? I mean...I know how you could tell if you were really up close and personal but, has to do with feather color, right? Right?

Christy Raedeke said...

Shelli - You win my undying love and respect. Okay, it's no website, like you give away, but it' something! :)

AC - The males are this beautiful sunshine yellow with proud black wings, while the females are a boring speckled brown. But they hold their own - I'm looking at four ladies who are hogging the feeder and keeping the males away...

PurpleClover said...

I feaking love it!

Suzanne Casamento said...

Wow! You've come a long way in a year. Congratulations on your one year annviversary!

jane, candid said...

Happy One-Blog-Year! I enjoy your blog very much.

Christy Raedeke said...

Thanks everyone, you're all so very nice to me!

Anonymous said...

Happy one year! You've come far haven't you? Gives me hope for my blog ^^