Thursday, July 29, 2010

Book Giveaway!

Hey, if you're interested in winning a fresh new signed copy of Prophecy of Days, head on over to Angelina Hansen's blog!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweet Juliet!

Today my daughter turned 10, so I feel like I get to brag on her a bit. She deserves it! Juliet is an adventurer, a prolific creator, a straight-A student, and a kind and thoughtful daughter/sister/friend. It’s late at night and I’m running out of words, so let me show you in photos why I love this little girl so much.

I love this photo of Juliet on a ferry to Orcas Island because it captures her zest for travel and adventure—she is always up for anything and finds as much pleasure in packing for a trip as I do!

I love this photo of her in the front row of my Portland Borders reading/signing because of how proud and happy she looks. She has been one of my biggest supporters!

I love that dragonflies and butterflies always land on Juliet, and then have a hard time flying away. She has an intrinsic flowery scent that these beauties love.

I love that she genuinely adores her little brother and she’s not too cool to play with him when he gets crazy.

I love that she can enjoy quiet moments, like sitting on the porch with tea.

But most of all, I love her because she is all mine.

How lucky I am to have caught this soul in my belly ten years ago!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fantastic Review in the Sacramento News & Review!

Since the majority of publicity happens at release time, it's such a delight to get a great review this much later. It feels like getting a big present when it's not even your birthday! 

An unusual savior
The world’s savior appears in a most unconventional form in Christy Raedeke’s new novel, Prophecy of Days: The Daykeeper’s Grimoire. She doesn’t fly around in a cape or parade around in spandex costumes. Caity, a witty teenage girl from San Francisco, finds herself (along with a boy she is madly infatuated with and an origami folding monkey) at the center of a worldwide conspiracy. A twist in the plot occurs with the turn of each page as relationships between characters are forged and broken; all the while, serious political and historical messages are revealed. Prophecy of Days presents a powerful and urgent message for both youth and the older generation. It challenges our entire population to question their contributions to their communities, and encourages us to be the change agents our crises-ridden world needs. - Charday Adams 

Thank you, Charday! 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wicked Awesome Books

Nikki at Wicked Awesome Books blog has just posted an interview and a really lovely review. Check it out here. 

Thanks so much Nikki!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I'll be doing a book event at the beautiful Bridgeport Village Borders Saturday, July 17 at 2pm. If you live in Portland, please stop by!