Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Does it seem like a lovefest around here sometimes? Well, it is. I seriously love the amazing children’s book writers I meet at conferences and workshops. I dare you to go to a general writer’s conference and then go to a children’s book writers conference and see the difference. Night and day! It’s like everyone in this genre was hand-picked as someone I would enjoy. I’m a cynic at heart, so I was surprised to find a genuine feeling of encouragement and support among writers instead of the underlying feeling of envy and competition that emanates from writers of other genres.

Two people I met at the SCBWI conference and instantly loved were Katie and Sarah Frances of the blog Plot This. They have just awarded me the I Love You This Much award, which really made my day. As if the Institutional Feast were not enough! Thanks so much Katie and SF... Let the lovefest continue!

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