Thursday, November 27, 2008

Light It Up!

Before I go to the kitchen and deal with the twenty-four pound creature awaiting a sage butter massage and a good roasting, I’m going to express my blog thanks. The blogosphere has allowed me to keep my hermetic writing life intact but still have a nice connection with people throughout the day. My blog acts as a writing prompt, allowing me to get the brain cells pumping before turning my attention to the manuscript. Having people read it is a bonus that I am very grateful for. So thanks, dear readers.

Tomorrow is my favorite day in Ashland: The Festival of Lights. After sundown there’s a light parade and then everything goes quiet and dark. The whole town starts a countdown and when our collective voice gets to “one” the switch is flipped and downtown is ablaze in fairy lights. It’s magical. Right after that, my writing partner Marcia and I are going to zip up to the cabin for a weekend writing intensive so I can deliver my manuscript to my editor on Monday. All in all, a good four days ahead!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Graeme Stone said...

Ashland all lit up. I want to see that.
And a cabin to do some writing. Heaven.
Luis and I almost got snowed in a few years back. Man, we shoulda stayed!