Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lock me in the basement

Yesterday I brought dishonor to my family by admitting that I deny a certain elementary “fact” about math and then trying to find evidence from the IEEE to support my claim. You see I come from a family that includes more than one PhD in Applied Mathematics* and a past president of the National IEEE. So I am the shameful family secret, the offspring they’d like to hide in the basement with the canned peaches and Christmas ornaments. I really should just remove the post altogether, but the comments are just too good to lose to the ether.

So I will marinate in my shame a bit longer.

Though a dimwit, I did learn one thing: I shall never speak of mathematics again. Instead I shall speak of writing! Tonight is the weekly meeting of my critique group, the Lithia Writers Collective, and I have pledged to have the revision of my work in progress finished by tonight. This means about 3,000 new words and about 80 pages of line edits. I love a deadline. So off I go!

* These are their real dissertation topics: “A Comparative Analysis of Methods for Sampling Stationary Stochastic Processes” and “Seismic Velocity Estimation from Time Migration”


Corey Schwartz said...

Don't worry, Christy. I can't figure out for the life of me why we have no snow on our property and our neighbors across the street have a ton! :)

PurpleClover said...

You're just all the more loveable.

Whenever I'm wrong, I just call it a "typo"...even if I said it outloud.

It's a typo.

Anonymous said...

Those math wizards may know what they are talking about, but I'll bet your writing is more fun and certainly is fun for your readers. Who needs a PhD?

Daves said...

Focus rather on the fact that your children are cackling at the cracks in your invincibility and gleefully plotting your downfall. That should keep you occupied.

Cathy Gersich said...

Why did we get completely gypped when it comes to the math gene? You should post your story about how we are the "athletic ones" in our family tree.

Anonymous said...

When my kid hit the third grade he figured out that I don't know everything. I took one look at his homework and said, "you'll have to wait til dad gets home."--M