Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cougar Barbie

Don't Stop Believin', Barbie!

Thanks Mattson!


Suzanne Young said...

OMG! hahahahahahahahahahaha

That's all.

Hardygirl said...

Oh, good lord--I just busted outta my leopard print spandex thigh-huggers. What? College guys live just across my driveway.

I've gotta watch it again.


Cathy Gersich said...

what happened to high brow blogging?

Paul Äertker said...

First, the interviews with up and coming writers and now Cougarbarbie.
You have many talents, Christy!

Anonymous said...


This reminds me of my favorite TV show--Action League Now! My whole family scours the Guide to see when Nicktoons will show it. Although I gotta say The Evil Mayor and Naked Man have nothing on Cougar Barbie. Can't wait to show this to the Hub.--Marcia

Dale Rogers said...

OMG, too funny, lmao...Go Barbie