Saturday, October 18, 2008


Author/Merman Jay Asher just put up a funny post about senior photos, and challenged one and all to scan in their own. So here for your amusement is:

Christine Marie Gersich
Ashland Senior High class of 1984

To get my "mall bangs" that poufy and my side rolls just right I used a round hairbrush the size of a kielbasa and a LOT of Aqua Net. I'd like to say I've made a radical departure from this look, but if you glance at my blog photo you'll see that in nearly 25 years I haven't made a whole lot of progress in hairstyle or makeup scheme. (Although a friend did finally pry the Lancome Electric Blue Eyeliner from my hands in 1989. But hey, I gave it a good run.)

As John Cougar Mellencamp said so profoundly: Hold on to 16 as long as you can/Changes comin round real soon make us women and men...


Katie said...

you look gawgeous!!! I wish I knew where mine was - although it is H I D E O U S!!!!

I'm much better older darling :)


I totally remember the Lancome blue eyeliner!!! I actualy recently re-purchased some!

Suzanne Young said...

You look BEAUTIFUL! haha. I actually expected way bigger hair. Hm... maybe I was just too east coast.

Disco Mermaids said...

You are and were Gorgeous!!! Same awesome smile, that's all that matters.


Anonymous said...

Smashing!! Truly. If my senior picture was that luscious, I'd use it as my facebook photo.

My shade was "nautical blue" by Maybelline--I shopped for makeup at the Super-D Drugstore.

Hardygirl said...

OOOOOO!! PLEASE! PLEASE! Post your prom picture when you went with Davis!!!


Christy Raedeke said...

SF- I have been looking for it ALL day!!! I swear I saw it just a few weeks ago...soooooo much taffeta. As soon as I find it I'll post it!

Rita said...

This senior photo ROCKS--and not even in a campy way. You've got some mad Aqua Net skillz.

I, too, look forward to this prom photo with Davis. Esp. b/c you mentioned it on my blog not that long ago...! :D

Disco Mermaids said...

OMG! You were as beautiful then as you are now! So unfair...

Seriously, you would have been the most sought-after chick in my school fo' sho'!

I'm STILL wearing Lancome Electric Blue eyeliner. Is that wrong?