Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Record highs, pressure mounts

As I turned 43 yesterday, I heard the door of middle age creak open for me. I’m not quite ready to walk through—not sure if I’ll ever be. Maybe when the time comes I’ll get on my knees and go through the dog door. For now, my feet and my delusions stay firmly planted on the side of youth.

I don’t lament the “growing old” part of aging, l lament the pressure to do more with less time in front of me.

We had a record- high temperature yesterday—108. As I am wont to find meaning in even the most trivial things, I took this as a really good sign. 108 on my birthday! It satisfies my left hemisphere because mathematically speaking 108 is considered an “abundant number” and it satisfies my right hemisphere because 108 is a sacred number in many ancient traditions.

But physically speaking, 108 sucks. It’s hot.

I’m trying to finish my revision on Book One before we leave for Colorado on Saturday and the combination of my fleeting youth, the record-high temperatures, and the revision deadline is adding up to one hell of a pressure cooker...


Tess said...

Hey, when we are 53 and 63, we will look back and say, "Dang, I was hot at 40-whatever . Why didn't I enjoy it?" At least, that's what I'm telling myself. It helps some days.

Have fun in CO.

Suzanne Young said...

DUDE! What the hell is up with the weather? Haha. And GO on those revisions!!!!!

And I think you meant 34, right?

Barbara Slaton said...

Where are you going in Colorado?

Hope you found a pool to sit in with a nice G & T on your BDay!

Love you lots,
Aunt Barb

Hardygirl said...

Yay Colorado! I don't think they would even have the words in their vocabulary to describe 108 degree heat. Yeow!

Oh, and last week on Car Talk, a caller mentioned that ancient Mayan culture is really hot right now (not heat hot--crazy wicked popular hot). You are such a trendsetter!


Katie said...

Yah - the weather?! Welcome to our world :-)

Shelli said...

if you do bikran yoga - 108 is cool :)