Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Nosy Introvert

As I’ve mentioned before, there are many reasons to love Facebook if you are a nosy introvert. So much information, so little actual contact! My high school class of 1984 had barely any diversity of color but a lot of diversity of mind. Can you match recent Facebook status posts with the person’s job? One of the answers may scare you.

1. X is in bed reading the book "the age of innocence" while listening to "spa music" on Pandora.
2. X is sittin in a beanbag naked eating cheetos.
3. X is done saying some (possibly inappropriate) stuff on CNN... Hope everyone gets a kick out of his comments on Showbiz Tonight, the most provocative hour of TV!

A. Lawyer
B. Designer of high-end boob pasties
C. Commander of a Navy nuclear submarine


Anonymous said...

Um, let's hope the nuclear submarine guy is one in bed reading Age of Innocence and listening to Spa music...


Anonymous said...

These make my status updates seem so... ho hum, boring. I think all the answers will scare me.


PS Is the beanbag vinyl?

tonya said...

what are the answers?

Suzanne Young said...

Dude, you come up with the best posts. haha.

Laughing like crazy here. Without the bean bag. Uh, huh.

Shelli said...

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