Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Grass Really Is Greener Over There

Do you ever get the urge to escape? To just pick up and start somewhere fresh? Do you ever dream of being caught up in some Mob scheme just so you’ll get to go through the witness protection plan? Or is it just me?

Yesterday Katie posted a taunt on Plot This that had me looking at real estate in Oxford, Mississippi for nearly and hour. We could buy a mansion for what crappy houses cost out here, and I could run in to Morgan Freeman at lunch or play with my kids on Faulkner’s property. Then there’s San Luis Obispo. After Robin gleefully posted about three 80+ days in a row while I’m looking at bleak, bare trees I did some googling around those parts too. Can’t get a mansion or bump into John Grisham getting pump-cheese nachos at 7-11 like in Oxford (you just know he eats those), but the prices are on par with where I live, you get sun 12 out of 12 months, and I could finally grow a bougainvillea. Though first I'd have learn how to pronounce it. Plus you get to see Robin and Eve a lot, and that right there is worth at least a half bath if not a bonus room.

I always feel like this in January, and it only gets worse in February. Only at the beginning of March when the days get long and the plum blossoms burst and the hills are awash in purple star thistle, do I start to come around. Bear with me, folks, I'm weak from lack of Vitamin D.


Anonymous said...

you need to remind yourself (daily) that the days are getting longer--this is a mantra that I start around the first of December (in just X days, the days will start getting longer). I started this about 5 years ago, and now I really can see in January the small incremental lengthenings of the days. Yeah, it will be noticeable much more easily in March, but it IS happening now.

Robin said...

It's boo-gan-veeee-yuh. (Took me five years to finally get that one.)
And we'd love to have you here! Are you kidding!? We could play volleyball in my back yard, even though it's only about the size of my thumbprint (and that's a double lot!!!).


Katie said...

You got me. SF and I tried to think of a way to get you to come hang with us one weekend so I composed that post :)

just kiddin! If it were me, I'd move to Robin's hood. You just can't beat California.

To find a small literary hood in southern cal would be ideal. I wonder what that would be?

Hardygirl said...

No! No! Come here!! We want you here in Oxford!

It's funny. We had a week of gray days here, and I thought I was going to absolutely lose my mind. It was so heavy and depressing, and I couldn't shake my funk. I've told my husband over and over again that I could never live somewhere that stayed wintery gray for months at a time (he often gets wanderlust and wants to move to Montana or Idaho--in fact, I get emails from realtors out west just about every week . . . yikes!).

Just come down here for a visit. We are expecting you for a book signing, but come sooner if you can. We can't PROMISE you a Morgan Freeman sighting . . . but you never know!

Oxford MS Realtor said...

Oxford is really great! Shepherd Smith is much more likely to be spotted in Oxford than Morgan Freeman. If you want to really buy a house let me help you out!