Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Village Books! June 5, 12:00

Village Books in Bellingham, Washingon has been a favorite of mine ever since my sister moved there years ago. Not only are they one of the best run independent bookstores in the Pacific Northwest, Village Books also sits atop the Colophon Café, where I once had the best quiche of my life.

Books, coffee, and quiche? Life doesn’t get better than that!

If you live in the Bellingham area, please come see me there at 12:00, June 5th. I’ll also be at Fairhaven Middle School on June 4th. Thanks for having me, Village Books! Can't wait!


Talking Iguana said...

Cathy sent me a book bag from Village Books. Great Place and you have a great sister. I know the reading will be fabulous. Have her take a pic so we can see you in action.

anjie said...

I'll start rallying my posse. :)

Jennie Englund said...

That bookstore looks darling! And it sounds great, too--bet they bust out a mean mocha.

Congrats on securing that fun date.
Sadly, I'll be heading south on I-5 for my brother's high school graduation.

Can't wait to hear about it.

And have you checked out A Children's Place in Portland? You'd get to sign the white table--right under David Levithan!

Little Ms J said...

I will be there in spirit.

Anne Spollen said...

You are getting more authentic by the day.

I'll be sending you happy thoughts that day : )

Jen said...

Looks amazing!!! Have a blast and enjoy the experience!!!

Your blog is fun I'm glad I came over for a visit!!

Teri Hall said...

I heard you were going to do this signing with another fabulous writer. I wonder who?

Lola Sharp said...

Funny how we remember the food, isn't it? Yummm.

Have fun!