Thursday, May 21, 2009

Recycling, Kid Style

My kids get something from rom Toys R Us that they've spent months longing for and then spend five minutes with it before getting bored. But give them a cast-off box and the possibilities are endless!

This one, from my recent ergonomic chair purchase has been a robot, a toy cart, and a slide, among other things. My favorite use of the cardboard has to be what they call the “Luxury Box” created as a TV-watching base. They take turns being on the first or second floor. 

They loved it so much they wanted to eat dinner in/on it, so I indulged them, "Luxury Box" style. Becasue it won't be long before the aperture narrows on their eye for possibility and a big box loses its magic.


Anonymous said...

That is exactly like a story in one of the "Readers" I used to teach with! The kids made many different things with the box until it finally became a dance floor when it was completely flat! I'm so happy your children still use their imagination and creativity, in spite of the tempting ads on TV for toys that already are supposed to "Do" things. They prompt no creativity and aren't exciting once the child watches it "Do" a few times. Good post.

Anonymous said...

One of my all time favorite picture books is "Christina Katerina and the Box" by Patricia Gauch.

Enjoy the box-loving years.

Wanda in AL

Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, how cute. Those pics are priceless. My kids are the same way! Gotta love the creativity :)

Anne Spollen said...

My boys used to like old pieces of wood from the back of a wood factory more than Legos. It's almost like they like to discover toy potential rather than be given it.

Great pix; cute kids!

Katie said...

So cute!!! I love a good box!

Cathy Gersich said...

Remember our blanket "caves" where we would play Lost in the Wilderness? Mom would give us crackers and we would pretend that was the last of our food and we had to parcel it our so we would live while lost in our cave.
Imagination is much more fun than a dumb toy some adult invents for a kid!
Tell Hank and Juju Aunt ChaCha is proud of them and love the Luxury Box! (and I need them to collect some pretty pebble to bring up to me when they visit)

Hardygirl said...

Love the "luxury box"!

Bubble wrap is good, too. I always kick myself for buying the expensive toy when all my kids want to do is play with the packaging!