Monday, December 15, 2008

This Is Some Amazing Marble

I just read on Facebook that my friend Orla, who lives in Saudi Arabia, is going for a warm walk on the beach. Here we have several inches of snow, enough to bend the boughs of my hardy rosemary. It's days like this that I wish teleportation was a reality.

I do love how quiet the snow makes everything; it's like living in a recording studio where nothing bounces off the walls. Except the children, of course! Nothing gets kids excited like fresh snow.

Speaking of snow and riled up kids, does anyone else make snowcones with snow and maple syrup? It was something I did as a child but my husband thinks it's mildly insane.


Anonymous said...

After yesterday's warm winter blanket of snow, Lena insisted we make "snow taffy", a' la LIttle House on the Prairie. I had no idea what she was talking about until we drizzled warm maple syrup over the fresh snow. Such a treat!
Did Scott have a Mr. Snowcone machine, complete with fake Kool Aid?


Christy Raedeke said...

Oh, that makes total sense now - I'll bet mom got that from the Little House books!

Yes, Scott was an urban child, uninterested in Prairie livin'.

Miles Inada said...

Of course we did that. And if he can build a drumming robot, he can get his mind around maple syrup snow cones. We's rural ghetto, baby!

Graeme Stone said...

Everybody wants to be somewhere else. I joked you about having a drought for 18 months. I'd love to be up in snowy, blowy Seattle stuck inside. It's 'chilly' down here, but that means, the upper 40's.
And syrup snow cones, I've wanted to try one ever since I read Little House.