Monday, September 21, 2009

What Would You Take?

Today the kids had to evacuate the school and we had to evacuate our house due to a raging fire that got far too close for comfort. You think you know exactly what you’d take in a situation like this, but after I’d secured our laptops in the car I was at a loss. I’d had the presence of mind to grab my favorite Estee Lauder face powder brush and then just sort of wandered aimlessly through the house. Photos could be reprinted. Clothing could be replaced by a couple of trips to Target. Shoes? Bags? I’d wanted to pare down. It was weird how unsentimental I was when it came right down to it, though I did get the kids’ baby boxes—all the special little bits and bobs one keeps—on the last run through.

The fire is not yet contained. As I type, helicopters are still dropping loads of water on the hillside. But we are safe and we have each other. And a very good powder brush.


Kimberly Derting said...

Okay, first, I'm so glad you guys got out safe and sound. that's frightening!

Second, I'm kind of cracking up that you "saved" your makeup brush.

But, yeah, beyond home videos,baby books, and the pre-digital photos, everything else is just stuff.

Hope you get to go back home soon!!!

storyqueen said...

I've gone through this twice in SoCal. You are right, it's just stuff.

Hope you are safe and back home soon.


Anonymous said...

Was that the makeup brush I gave you years ago??? If it was, I'm flattered that you thought of it. We are so happy that all of you are safe and sound. I got a kick of the Bass viol in the back of Scott's car!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

I've been through this and it is so frightening and confusing. You think you know what you would grab, but you don't.
Since then, I've put some important papers in a small locked box, so I would take that, the laptop, the memory stick (all backup!!!), purse, cell phone and a bag of overnight things--change of clothing and toiletries. I know I would miss a lot of "stuff" but, in the end, that is all it is, stuff.
I hope the fire is contained and the threat over soon.

Debbie R said...


Tina Lee said...

Glad you and your family are safe. It sounds very intense.

Casey McCormick said...

Glad you and the fam are safe! I do hope your house will continue to be safe also.

I mused over this topic with a friend recently. She was saying it was one of her biggest fears because she couldn't stand the thought of losing any of her stuff. But when I thought about it, I decided I'd just want my laptop, a few baby keepsakes, and some of our paperwork. The paperwork only because I'd hate to battle all the forms and offices to get them back. : )

My family, my dog, and my laptop are my priorities in an emergency situation, though. And I'm happy the list is short.

Katie said...

WHOA! So glad you're okay! And what an interesting lesson in what you really think is important.

Hardygirl said...

Yeah. Save that laptop. I don't know what else I'd take either. I might grab a couple of makeup brushes, too. And, my ped egg, of course.

Glad you're okay. It's crazy to think about the fires out your way. We've have two solid weeks of RAIN.


Shelli said...

computer, then kids :)

i have a fav pair of boots that cannot be replaced. Id grab those too.

Shelli said...

PS hope your house is ok! glad yo guys r safe!

Lindsey Leavitt said...

Glad you guys are safe and hope the house is OK! You need somewhere to crash, Alabama has a rep for being pretty sweet.

Jennie Englund said...

Gosh, Monday was a crazy day for you!

So glad it all worked out okay.

Dave turned around his engine on your street.

Did you think to pack up that lucky beetle from Uncle?