Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hereinafter referred to as…

I now have in my possession a contract for two books with Flux, an edgy new imprint for teens. On this publishing agreement my name appears and is then followed by these words:

Hereinafter referred to as “Author”

Seeing those five words written after my name has been a dream of mine for decades. It was first a dream so big I put it in the better-to-never-try-than-fail category. Slowly, I circled around it and poked at it until it seemed less daunting. I took endless classes, read all the books, and then I started in earnest. Five years after I typed the first bits of this story I now have an amazing agent and a two-book deal with an editor I respect immensely.

I’m having trouble signing the contract. I ruffle through the glorious 18 pages and gaze at the Hereinafter sentence often, but I can’t get to the last page to sign it. I’m not sure, but I suspect it’s because writing my name on this contract—however small or large the books may turn out to be—will forever put me on the other side of this dream. And that’s a weird concept.


Disco Mermaids said...

Yahoo, Christy!!! This is awesome news! And I've heard such wonderful things about Flux. I think you're in good hands.
Can't wait to hear more about the process. You're book sounds amazing. And I'm SO glad we had to time to hang out at the conference. You, my dear, are an absolute blast.


Graeme Stone said...

I never use OMG because I'm not that young, but OMG. To hold a contract in your hands. Amazing. And if you're hesitating over fine print, I know a very high-powered entertainment attorney in LA who I can pass you along to. He may not know publishing, but he'll know someone who does. I think hesitation is natural when you're about to cross good "Rubicon." Rubicon...that could be a new conference. A conference of rubes. Or is that called Congress...?

Christy Raedeke said...

Aww, thanks Robin and Graeme! I've decided to sign it tomorrow because I like the symmetry of 08-11-08 and I'll always be able to remember my BC (before contract) and AC (after contract) date! Yowza.

Katie said...

Wow!!! This is amazing news! And with Flux! How groovy cool!!

Congratulations. I can't wait to read this gem :-)

Disco Mermaids said...

Woo-Hoo!! So glad you finally announced this so I can run through the streets screaming about how happy I am for you!

Flux is totally kick-ass, and I can safely say (as one of the lucky few who has read the "gem") that this book fits right in. Did I tell ya, or did I tell ya?

You are going to be HUGE. We need to celebrate asap. Again! Next weekend, anyone??


Disco Mermaids said...

Hi Graeme!!

Don't you love Graeme?? I miss my daily dose of Graeme! And my daily dose of C-Raed. Wonder if I can get them somehow in IV form. Sigh...


jennie said...

Huge congrats, Christy! Really well deserved! This is only the beginning!

Davis said...

I hope you kept the foreign rights?

Barb Slaton said...

Can I be an extra in the movie?

Super duper congratulations to you, Christy!

All of your hard work and discipline is paying off --

Love, Aunt Barb

bluelikethesky said...

Dang, Graeme I don't know but would probably love for stealing my OMG disclaimer!!!!!!!!

I bask in your glory and I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled for you. I can't imagine the combination of glee and terror you must feel.

One thousand sparkles of joy to you my friend. You have earned every atom of elation.


Anonymous said...

You are the bonafide Materfamilias. Head of the class, queen of the quill, she who will be crowned Authoress.

We've known it from the first word.


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice goin'.