Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Wheel

Yesterday I wrote this on my blog:

"I have just finished Young Adult Novel number two! After weeks of ignoring dishes, weeds, children, friends and not least of all, husband, I have a sleek 180-page, 45,137-word manuscript. It’s just half the size of my first novel, but an altogether different kind of book. I’m happy. Very happy. Now about those dishes…"

A few hours later (after the dishes were done) I was already angst-ridden and feverishly working on the excellent edits I’d received from Jennie.

When does it stop? Will I ever be able to sit back, put my feet on my messy desk and say, “Ahh, job well done, self!”

I set goals for being able to celebrate, but then celebrating doesn’t seem right because the next goal is bigger. First it’s when I finish the manuscript, then it’s when I finish the edits, then it’s when my agent starts submitting it, then it’s when I get a contract, then it's when the next manuscript is finished—it’s a publishing hamster wheel I tell you!

New goal: relax. Let it soak in. Go sit by the pool.

But first, Jennies great edits!

See what I mean?

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