Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nothing but Eve

No musings, no anecdotes, no wry commentary. I’m a dried up husk of a writer; I used up everything I had to revise my manuscript and send it off to my agent yesterday.

Turns out I’m not the only one feeling frantic about finishing a project—this seems to be the summer of urgent writing. I’ve enjoyed following my sister-in-agent Eve’s hilarious blog about trying to finish a novel in 30 days.

She starts here. Gets to a dark place here. And sounds hopeful again here.

Thank you, Eve for being amusing in my place today!

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Disco Mermaids said...


Christy Raedeke wrote a post about me! Christy Raedeke wrote a post about me!

You are the sweetest thing CR! I feel bad if people are clicking over to our blog now expecting to see brilliant writing from me. At least they can read Jay and Robin's brilliant writing.

Wow! You are done. Cannot believe it. Go celebrate! Which ms was this? The first one? Or the next one? Sorry, I cannot keep up!