Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm only posting to get rid of that clown

Over the weekend we took a vacationette to a hotel in the town 12 miles north of here just to swim, order embarrassing amounts of room service, and sleep in a place where every sheet and towel was clean at the same time. Now and then I find it sweet to have our little family sleeping together in 600 square feet of space; there’s something vaguely Little House on the Prairie about it. Plus, when I get home it makes me appreciate my own child-free bed—excessively and immoderately dressed in just the right combination of thread count, white down feather count, and pillow loft—even more.

Now I’m back in front of my computer, my weekly volunteer gig in Juliet’s class is finished, and I’m digging in to the manuscript. I’ll set a weekly goal for myself here, just so it’s in print: one chapter a day, three days in a row. That’s three chapters by Friday. Can I put it any more plainly, self?

The view from my window is wet and green and my mind feels just as fertile. Here I go…


Mom said...

So glad you got rid of the clown, too. I NEVER did like clowns. That's probably you didn't get to see many circuses when you were a child. They (clowns) just creep me out! Go for the gold this week and write like crazy. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Hotel hideaway weekends are the best. Now write, missy! See you soon.