Sunday, March 23, 2008


Wow. It´s been quite a ride so far. I´m with a group of Nueva Age people, which has made this trip a real trip. Nothing is as it seems, there is hidden meaning in everything: "tourista" is the spirit clearing your bad energy (it´s the salad, people, stay away from the leafy greens!), the freaky sound of the howler monkey, which is a lot like a thousand Jaguars all roaring at once, is the monkey throwing its etheric body around (it´s called an enlarged hyoid bone, people!), and on and on.

There's also a bit of competition to run up to important looking stones, throw your hands upon them and divine what was going on there back in the day. Pretty hilarious stuff. So today, college pal Peggy (whom I dragged along on this Nueva Age romp with, I´m ashamed to say, not fully disclosing how wacky it might be) and I are staying back at the hotel pool. I want to read and drink freshly squeezed limonada y tequila and listen to the howler monkeys throwing their etheric bodies around.

More later! Adios.

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bluelikethesky said...

Cleanse THIS, chica!

I want more more more examples, as I am cracking up. This is EXACTLY the kind of procrastination fuel I need at this very minute.

My spirit guide is telling me that my students should teach Faulkner to themselves this afternoon and I should go home and take a big old nap.