Sunday, March 16, 2008

At what point can tequila be a tax write off?

I love to pack for a trip. I’d put it up there with skiing and eating frosting on my Favorite Things list. In fact, it might even eclipse the act of traveling itself.

I’m leaving for the Mexican states of Tabasco and Chiapas early Tuesday morning and I’ve been packing for three weeks now. I thought it was a little too OCD to start a month out, so all through February I held back the urge. I had good control until February 29 turned up - damn you, Leap Year! So I started anyway; why should I suffer because the Western World can’t come up with a calendar that doesn’t have to be adjusted every four years?

But I digress, and I know you want to get back to my riveting thoughts on packing for Mexico.

I’ll be visiting some of the most spectacular cities of the ancient Maya - research for one of my Young Adult projects. I’m most excited about spending time with a Daykeeper (basically a calendar expert, the Maya have 20 amazingly intricate calendar wheels) and learning more about Maya cosmology, especially in relation to the muy mysterioso 2012 end date of one of their calendars.

In addition to cosmology, I’m also interested in tequila. I’m thinking about pitching a mini book on tequila so I can write off my consumption without actually having to write too mas about it. What do you think, editors? Any takers? World rights go for a bottle of Del Maguey Mezcal Tobala and a basket of limes!

More from the Mundo Maya to come. Adios!


bluelikethesky said...

So Anna's GT class is about to study the Maya for their archeology unit. Can they send you an email with questions? How long will you be there?

I endured a recreation of Vesuvius in my sink a few weeks ago (and discovered that baking soda and vinegar will create an eruption sufficient to send sprinkles and blobs of candle wax out of a Jalapeno Tree Margarita should have know I'd bring it around to Tequila sooner or later). What can I expect with the Maya unit?

Disco Mermaids said...

Hey CR!

Updates! Updates! You've been down there for four days now.

What's up with the calendar ending at 2012? Are you bathing in Patron as we speak?

Please write soon and give us the 411.

Have a blast! And keep all those fish taco receipts for your tax guy.