Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Serpent's Coil Has Arrived!

Guess what came early? Book II!

Release date was July 8 so I was expecting to see nothing before the second week in July. But yesterday I found this in the mail! It’s very exciting to see the finished cover with the spot varnish. The snake really pops! I kept it in my bag at work and would glance fondly at it now and then.
And last night, as a lovely coincidence, I had tickets to Ray LaMontagne/Brandi Carlisle/Secret Sisters. It was a beautiful evening of music under the stars with my oldest friend Julie and my second book tucked in my bag. 

Perfect day!


Little Ms J said...

I guess it was the perfect day! I would love to say, "My second book in my bag." How awesome! Congrats!

Christy Raedeke said...

Thanks, LMJ! It's been a fun couple of days! (And the book is still in my bag :)

Precious said...

It looks so smooth and pretty! :) Congratulations Christy! I still haven't read your first book - can't find a copy anywhere!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can't believe it came so early. when is the release party?

Steve Davis said...

Love the cover!!! It goes so well with the first book's cover, which I've always thought was one of the coolest graphics I've ever seen.
Precious...Amazon has the Daykeepers' Grimoire available and it's a MUST read. You'll be hopping to read the second book right away, so order both. The rest of us had to wait over a year for book 2...and it was a LONG wait!!

Christy Raedeke said...

Steve - Thank you so much for the kind words about the cover!

CAM - Book release party is at Barnes & Noble on July 27th!

Precious, I am still amazed that you cannot get the book where you are. I'm not sure what to do - every copy I send you "disappears" in the mail system. WorldCat shows that there are several libraries near you that have it - perhaps that's a way to get your hands on it?

Suzanne Slaton said...

Finished it last night!!! loved it.
I cant believe I made the acknowledgments!!! I am so honored! I just feel lucky getting to read your books :) Love ya Christy!

Anne Spollen said...

Hey Christy,

Haven't been this way in a while. Congrats on your second book!! That's great.

A perfect day indeed; now back to work on the third. ; )