Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweet Juliet!

Today my daughter turned 10, so I feel like I get to brag on her a bit. She deserves it! Juliet is an adventurer, a prolific creator, a straight-A student, and a kind and thoughtful daughter/sister/friend. It’s late at night and I’m running out of words, so let me show you in photos why I love this little girl so much.

I love this photo of Juliet on a ferry to Orcas Island because it captures her zest for travel and adventure—she is always up for anything and finds as much pleasure in packing for a trip as I do!

I love this photo of her in the front row of my Portland Borders reading/signing because of how proud and happy she looks. She has been one of my biggest supporters!

I love that dragonflies and butterflies always land on Juliet, and then have a hard time flying away. She has an intrinsic flowery scent that these beauties love.

I love that she genuinely adores her little brother and she’s not too cool to play with him when he gets crazy.

I love that she can enjoy quiet moments, like sitting on the porch with tea.

But most of all, I love her because she is all mine.

How lucky I am to have caught this soul in my belly ten years ago!


Jennie Englund said...

Christy, that is incredibly lovely!

The pictures capture your sweet girl perfectly.

Juliet is magic.

Happiest birthday!

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm crying! Thank you for giving us a loving and very special granddaughter, and you are a loving and special mom!
Grammy and Grandpa

Stephanie P. said...

Well said, Christy! I remember her in your belly during that summer 10 years ago. She's certainly grown into a beautiful young lady! May she have a wonderful birthday!


Anonymous said...

What lovely pictures and sentiments, for a lovely gal. Christy, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! I remember you when you were 10.....

Love, Carole

Little Ms J said...

It is so telling that butterflies land on her... maybe it is her scent, maybe her soul. I used to be so jealous of how animals always seemed to gravitate to my sister, sense her spirit. It says a lot about a person and your little person seems to be pretty amazing.

Happy Birthday, Juliet!

Hardygirl said...

Love this!! Happy birthday, Juliet!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Juliet!