Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Nine-Year-Old Takes On Politics

Today my daughter ran for fourth grade president and came out with a victory! Here's the winning speech she wrote last night:

Juliet’s Fourth Grade President Speech

Hello! As you know, my name is Juliet and I’d like to be your president. Why would I be a good president? First, I’m very organized – just look in my desk! Second, if anyone has ideas on how to improve the school, come right up to me anytime and tell me. I think good ideas come from everyone. Third, I’m not bossy. I would never tell anyone to do something without saying please unless it was urgent. Fourth, I try to be nice to everyone I meet. If you are having a problem with someone you can talk to me and I’ll help you. It’s not fun to be bullied, and trust me I have experienced bullying before and I will not, repeat not, ever bully anyone in the whole world. Fifth, I have some really good ideas for raising money for the Zoo Snooze so we can definitely go. Last, my little brother Hank, who is super cute and smart, REALLY wants me to be elected! (He made me write that.) Thanks for considering me for your Fourth Grade President!

Now she's power-hungry and climbing the ladder - at dinner she mentioned wanting to run for Student Council president so she could be president of the presidents... To what end, Juliet? To what end?


RKCharron said...

Hi Christy :)
Thanks for the wonderful post.
Your daughter Juliet is full of Awesome!
What a great speech too!
She has your gift with words.
Thank you for sharing,
All the best,

jody sparks said...

That's awesome! Even her writing is very organized. I looked at her blog a while back and it's very cool. I would totally vote for her.

nanmarino said...

Yep. Juliet gets my vote too! What a wonderful post.

Jennie Englund said...

Juliet has my vote for 2012.

Affiliation shmafiliation.

Her desk says everything.

Tina Lee said...

With that speech, more power to her!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Nan Marino read my president speech! She's famous and has written an AMAZING book that everyone should read!

I'm glad you liked my speech! I'm excited to start my duties at school. I get to miss class a lot to do special duties but I am going to make sure I never use the word special so people don't think I'm power hungry like my Mom says.

PS Hi Jennie!

Juliet Raedeke

Kelly Hudgins said...

Anna and I send our congrats, Juliet!

Barbara Slaton said...

Brilliant, Juliet!
but then again, that does run in the family :)

Katie said...

OMG - so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Good for Juliet!! I'd vote for her to be president of anything! Her class certainly picked the right student. We are so proud of her!


Hardygirl said...

To what end???


She's got my vote.


Shelli said...

seriously - is this real? she is adorable.

Tracy Edward Wymer said...

I miss teaching fourth grade sometimes - for that reason.